Powerbot [Unity Asset Store]


I just submitted my first asset to the Unity Asset Store, it’s a character in the style of Megaman (or mighty no9) but with modern visual techniques (normal map, spec, fresnell, metallic shader with reflections…).

There are two geometry variations for the main character (with gun and no gun) and several colors to chose from. Also I have included 2 enemies with different geometries and a total of 14 prefabs with different combinations (geometries and colors).


It’s been a good practice for animations, the character is rigged with CAT and it features 29 animations clips.

I’ve tested the character in 2D and 3D games inside Unity and it works like a charm.

Link to the asset store:




Where have you been?

I haven’t posted lately, well I’ve been busy.

I moved from California back to Spain. I’ve been using this time to focus on what I like the most: making games, and I’ve made my very own game:



I’ve coded the whole game from scratch, my brother helped me out with the art, I also did some music and the design of the game in collaboration with my brother.

It’s been a great experience so far and I hope to do some more in the future. It’s available for PC and soon for Xbox in the XBLIG channel.

Thanks for reading!