I’m a Character Artist with more than 9 years of experience. I’ve worked in Canada, UK, Spain and USA and contributed to AAA like Far Cry 2, Lost, Shaun White Snowboarding, Xmen 3: the last stand (and some other small projects). I’m currently living in Los Angeles and working at OOOii.

I’ve been working as 3D Artist since 2002, mainly for video games. For more information about my career you can follow my linkedin profile:http://www.linkedin.com/in/sergiosantosprofile


Projects I’ve worked on:

  • Farcry 2
  • Shaun White Snowboarding
  • Lost: Via Domus
  • X-Men 3 The last Stand
  • Aliens in the Attic
  • The Fixer
  • Turok 2

And some other small projects.

Companies I’ve worked for:

  • OOOii
  • Ubisoft Montreal
  • Climax
  • Animation Rigs
  • CICE
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Luzan5
  • Serena Digital
  • Ink Apache
  • Plastic Wax
  • Arvirago
  • Revistronic
  • Silicon Garage Arts


I’ve been featured in websites, magazines and books, and I’ve also won awards like the second runner up at the “Ray Harryhausen Hardcore Modelling Challenge”, Hot Portfolio of the Week at CGTalk or the Artist of the Month at Infinite Design.

I’ve been featured in 5 Ballistic Books and I’ve won Best Diorama in the Hardcore Modeling Challenge at CGTalk.

You can find some of my artworks in the following books:

· D’Artiste Character Modelling 2

· Exposé 5

· Exposé 6

· Exotique 3

· Elemental 3

To purchase these books you can order them at the Ballistic Publishing website.


· 3DCreative Magazine 


I’ve given lectures at:

  • Mundos Digitales
  • Game Jam
  • Campus TI
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid