Powerbot [Unity Asset Store]


I just submitted my first asset to the Unity Asset Store, it’s a character in the style of Megaman (or mighty no9) but with modern visual techniques (normal map, spec, fresnell, metallic shader with reflections…).

There are two geometry variations for the main character (with gun and no gun) and several colors to chose from. Also I have included 2 enemies with different geometries and a total of 14 prefabs with different combinations (geometries and colors).


It’s been a good practice for animations, the character is rigged with CAT and it features 29 animations clips.

I’ve tested the character in 2D and 3D games inside Unity and it works like a charm.

Link to the asset store:




3 thoughts on “Powerbot [Unity Asset Store]

  1. I would like to know if there is any shooting they can do and if so, if there is any part of the prefab that could be associated so that the bullet or laser goes out from it.
    Also, is there any way to know where it was hit so that the fall down animation could be properly selected?

    • There is a shooting animation clip and there are several bones where you can assign the bullet to shot from.

      To know where it was hit you can use a raycast and check the name or the tag of the object that was hit by the raycast. Or you can add a collider to the bone that you want to check the collision.

  2. Hi,
    Is the asset going to be updated for Unity3d 5 ?
    – I see that you only have this asset pack in the assetstore. Wondering if you are planning or have anymore new assets coming ?


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