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Where have you been?

I haven’t posted lately, well I’ve been busy.

I moved from California back to Spain. I’ve been using this time to focus on what I like the most: making games, and I’ve made my very own game:



I’ve coded the whole game from scratch, my brother helped me out with the art, I also did some music and the design of the game in collaboration with my brother.

It’s been a great experience so far and I hope to do some more in the future. It’s available for PC and soon for Xbox in the XBLIG channel.

Thanks for reading!



Chun Li

Here is another WIP of a version I’m doing of Chun Li:


Hope you like it!




I’m doing Movember this year (November with mustache) to help raise money against prostate cancer.


you can contribute here:


Dante WIP

Another wip of a character I’ve been working on lately:

Another Mark Newman Quick Sculpt

A few weeks ago I did a Mark Newman statue using ZSpheres,

it was just about one hour sculpting.

So it’s all modeled in ZBrush,

Zspheres and a couple of primitives for the hair and eyes

I hope I can finish it one day.

Thanks for watching!

Indie development

I recently bought a Creators Club Subscription from Microsoft to develop an Indie Game for Xbox 360.

I’m getting into XNA and C# programming and I’m loving it!

So I’ve made this site to post all my indie experiences:

and you can follow me on Twitter here:


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I just revamped my old Deadpool to a new stage! (in fact I almost re-did everything while I was polishing it)